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Flash Fiction (4)

Melissa at My World...in words and pages introduced me to the cool feature created by Dottie at Tink's Place. Dottie offers a picture on Mondays, which participants would write a story to accompany (around 350-400 words only) and we post on Fridays.

Sword and Spirit (Part 2) by Jackie

He hadn't known what they were intending to do. The people to the south had always been enemies of a sort but Madden didn't think they deserved what happened. When the clansmen with water magic had unleashed the flood, Madden had felt frustration welling up in him at his inability to stop them.

They stood on the mountain, scrying in the pool of crystal clear water, as the entire castle had been covered by the raging waves. People had died and his kinsmen had laughed. Where was their compassion?

Madden slammed his sword back into his scabbard, his anger a near tangible thing. He could not continue living with people that saw no wrong in this. He knew it wasn’t everyone in the Keep that shared the leaders sentiments, but the leaders were stronger and in control. And they had the magic. The people had little option but to bow down to their will.

He would no longer be one of them.

He ran his hand along the glyphs on the wall. They told the story of his people and the former glories of the Cithek, the Northern Keep. They had been at peace with the Narsins then and both cities had prospered. Since the disagreements, things had never been the same. Madden felt in his heart that this couldn’t continue forever, so he began to form a plan.

He packed his things, only a sparse amount of clothing and supplies that he would need for the journey. He quickly wrote a note, explaining his desire to seek calm at the Quarim mound, a place far away from his true destination. It was a deception that would hopefully throw them off his trail, and tucked it under his coverlet. Kera would surely find it when she came for the laundry.

Madden knew this would enrage his father but found he couldn’t care enough to make him change his mind. His father, after all, had been one of the men laughing. The worst of them, really, because he was the Chief. He fought off the wave of disappointment he felt at his father’s actions, shoving his sack roughly over his shoulder.

There was just one more stop Madden wanted to make before he left. He climbed the stairs to the south tower, searching for a bowl. He may be a Cithek Warrior, but he had discovered long ago that he too held the magic of his clansmen, rare traits among his people to have both skills. From a young age, instinct had told him to keep this knowledge a secret. So he had.

He saw the cryan bowl on the pedestal and poured water from the jug he had carried with him. The ripples danced along the water, then settled down enough for him to start the spell. Madden waved his hand gently across the bowl, whispering the words he had overheard many times, until the water displayed the image he sought.

It was the girl, the same one he had seen as the clansmen’s wave had struck Narsin. She had been drawing in her fire then, trying to push back the oncoming water. It hadn’t been enough.

When he saw her then, he had felt a connection, knew somehow that she would play an important role in his life. For a vague moment, he thought that maybe it was destiny to unite their lands through marriage. It was probably foolish to think that way, but she was beautiful.

Now, he when he saw her, relief washed over him that she had survived. A strange emotion, considering he had no idea who she was.

Then he took in the rest of the scene, the blond boy’s arm around her as they slept on the ground. Another emotion coursed through him, though he could not name it.

He knew there was no time left to waste, so with a last glance at the glyphs, he set out south, hoping for a chance at peace and perhaps a chance at love too.


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Feb. 19th, 2012 01:18 pm (UTC)
*waves* Hi there fellow LJ blogger ;)

Nice continuation to the story.

Awww chance at love, I hope he gets that
Feb. 19th, 2012 06:49 pm (UTC)
Oh I loved the building here! Really well done. And I felt bad for him in the end! I hope she will return the love to him.
Carol Evans
Feb. 19th, 2012 07:46 pm (UTC)
Glad you've joined us.

I had to go back and read the Part 1 first. Great story. I'm interested in seeing what happens when all three get together.
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